Covid-19 Update: Grand County Public Health Amends Public Health Order

May 6, 2021 | Covid-19

Grand County Public Health

Information shared from Grand Country Public Health 

GRAND COUNTY, CO – On May 5, 2021, Grand County Public Health (GCPH) issued an Amendment Order to the April 15, 2021 Standing Public Health Order (PHO) Related to COVID-19 Pandemic Best Practice and Activity Specific Protective Measures. The purpose of this Amendment Order is to better align with State Guidance.  

The amendment reflects the following changes:

  • Protective measures in the Updated Grand County COVID-19 Suppression Plan and Consolidated Playbooks shift from mandatory requirements to strong recommendations and guidance for all businesses, public or private gatherings, recreation, events, and activities in Grand County. 
  • With the exception of Events/Activities, Businesses, Employers, and Sole Proprietors are no longer required to complete the  Grand County Compliance Verification Form for regular business operations.
  • Capacity limits for all industry sectors, events, and activities shall be updated in the Quick Reference Chart to reflect 100% capacity, with the exception of Indoor & Outdoor Events that will reflect “GCPH Approval Required”.
  • With the exception of mask requirements outlined below for schools and childcare settings in Grand County, Grand County shall align with Colorado’s current Statewide Mask Mandate and/or Guidance.
    • In accordance with Colorado Department of Education guidance, mask-wearing should be standard practice for children three (3) years and older in a school or childcare setting. 
    • Should our 7-day case rate drop below 35 cases per 100,000 people for seven (7) consecutive days,  we will meet the requirements to reduce mask use for indoor public spaces. However, the requirements would not change for correctional facilities, schools, childcare centers, healthcare facilities, and long-term care facilities.  The best actions you can take to help us meet this goal are:
      • Wear a mask in public places
      • Practice social distancing of 6’ or more between non-household/non-cohort members.
      • Limit group sizes and minimize congregation, especially when indoors.
      • Practice Quarantine and Isolation protocol when symptoms are present or you receive a positive test result.
      • Frequently wash/sanitize high-touch surfaces and hands.
      • Regular screening for symptoms.
      • Protect Grand County’s higher-risk populations, such as older adults and people of any age with underlying medical conditions
  • Towns, Businesses, Organizations, Employers, and Event/Activity Coordinators in Grand County may choose to implement mask requirements, restrictions, protective measures, and capacity limits that are MORE restrictive than state and county mandates. No town or county is permitted to be less restrictive than State issued Public Health Orders or Executive Orders.

Aspects of the order that have not changed:

  • Organizers of Events and Activities are still required to complete the Grand County Compliance Verification Form AND receive approval from Grand County Public Health prior to holding said event. Event approvals may take 10 or more business days to finalize.
    • Events that require submission of Compliance Verification Form and GCPH approval:
      • Indoor or Outdoor Public or Private Gatherings of 50 or more people including meetings, receptions, events, concerts, fairs, rodeos, non-critical auctions, theaters, trade shows, outdoor markets, and other indoor or outdoor venues not covered in other sector guidance or as exceptions described below.
    • Events NOT requiring submission of Compliance Verification Form and GCPH approval:
      • Worship and Life Rites Ceremonies (Ceremony only. Reception and other activities require approval as stated above.)
      • Seated events that can fully follow the state’s restaurant guidance for the entire event may operate as a restaurant and follow those restrictions/capacities.  This means that parties are seated, there are no shared activities, and any performers are at least 12 feet from patrons if wearing masks (25 feet, if unmasked).
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