Our Impact

Why We Do What We Do

  • Maneuvering the healthcare system is challenging. You don’t have to do it alone.
  • Our team meets you where you are to get you the right care, at the right time, at the right place.
  • We remind people of the tools they have and support them when they need it most to overcome barriers.
Support, Help, Guidance

Changing Lives – Our 2022 Impact Report

In 2022, we advocated for and supported the health of our community by directly serving 731 clients through over 16,050 interactions. This is nearly a 34% increase in clients served over the past three years.

Plus, our efforts have a positive, indirect impact on so many more of our neighbors, because we are all healthier together. This illustrates the depth of the transformative work we do with and on behalf of our clients and community.

What does our work look like? How do we serve our community?

To learn more, check out our 2022 Impact Report here.

Barriers to Healthcare

Health Is More Than Health Care.

Access to care is important, but being truly healthy requires so much more.

At GCRHN, we know health is not uniformly attainable for everyone. Every year, we work to understand the barriers that keep our neighbors from living their healthiest lives.

National data shows other factors create barriers to care. These include:

  • Education
  • Income
  • Housing
  • Food access
  • Geography
  • Transportation
  • Language
  • Culture
  • Race
  • Age & Ability
Barriers to Health: Access 10%, Genetics 20%, Environment 20%, Healthy Behaviors 50%

How We Help

In 2021, we served over 584 unique clients, via at least 14,020 interactions throughout the year. We also provided outreach to 1,151 community members and clients through emergency response. 51% of our client interactions were with residents age 60 and over.

You feel overwhelmed and confused by the healthcare system. We can help you navigate it.
You need health insurance. We can help you make sense of it.

YOU don’t know what resources you need until you need it. WE have local health resources on our one-stop website:

Why it Matters

  • The health of our community is built on the health of each person.
  • These are OUR neighbors, employees, employers, teachers, servers, builders, etc.
  • Less missed work and school creates a healthier, thriving community.
  • Patient Navigator program saves money: in the healthcare system and for patients.

Where Our Funding Goes

78 cents of every dollar goes to Programs & Services. Industry standard is 75 cents per $1.
100% of every dollar goes to OUR IMPACT to support our work now and in the future.

Our Emergency Response Impact

Over the years, Grand County has had various emergency situations where community members needed our organization’s help… and we delivered! Two such examples are the COVID-19 pandemic and the East Troublesome Fire of 2020.

Our Events

Find details about local events including our annual fundraising event

Health Resource Guide

Explore health resources available in Grand County at healthygrandcounty.org

Take Action

Donate, Volunteer, Advocate - help make a difference in healthcare in Grand County

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