Gratitude for Grand

Thank you for showing YOUR Gratitude for Grand!

Although we wrapped up our first-ever virtual fundraiser, Gratitude for Grand: Give a High Five for Health back in September of 2020, we are finally able to display the traveling award banner around Grand County!

Here is the schedule with a 2 week rotation:

March 1-14: Fraser Ace Hardware in Fraser
March 15-28: Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre in Grand Lake
March 29-April 11: Mind Springs Health in Granby
April 12-25: Kremmling Mercantile in Kremmling
April 26-May 9: Grand County Rural Health Network in Hot Sulphur Springs

Special thanks to the “banner hosts” for permitting us to display on their buildings!

Gratitude for Grand traveling award banner

(Award recipients… finding your name on the High Five banner is a lot like the game Finding Waldo! You’ll just have to see the banner in person. Tip: Bring your kid(s) to help you search!)

Thank you everyone for joining us in practicing gratitude, supporting all of our mental health and well-being, and celebrating the people and organizations that help us be healthy and make our community GRAND!

2021 Fundraiser

“We are excited to again host the virtual Gratitude for Grand: Give a High Five for Health fundraiser in the fall of 2021. We saw that we were getting real momentum, especially toward the end of the fundraiser week, so we believe people will catch on to the idea more quickly this year and will have their lists of who they personally would like to acknowledge with an award, which in turn supports our cause.”

Jen Fanning, Executive Director for Grand County Rural Health Network

2020 Award for Excellence in Health Service

In keeping with the spirit of our traditional event, the Network’s board of directors selected the 2020 recipient of our annual “Award for Excellence in Health Service”. Congratulations to Grand County’s Incident Management Team Command Staff!

Read more about this dedicated group that came together in response to COVID and last year’s wildfires.

Thank you to our 2020 Event Sponsors:

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