Public Health Advisory Notice

Aug 5, 2021 | Covid-19

COVID cases and hospitalizations are rising across the nation and in the State of Colorado. Grand County is also seeing an increase in cases primarily among unvaccinated populations. The increases in hospitalizations for COVID-19 nationwide are predominately unvaccinated individuals.

Delta variant has been detected in Grand County and is now over 80% of COVID cases nationwide. There are several positive cases in Grand County that have had samples sent to the State lab for sequencing for variants. Sequencing can take 10-14 days to identify which strain of COVID-19 the individual contracted. The Delta variant is proving to be more transmissible than previous variants and causing more severe illness, specifically for unvaccinated individuals.

To protect Grand County’s ability to function as normally as possible without
additional transmission control mandates, it is recommended that all in our
community continue to practice a layered prevention approach to mitigate the spread of COVID-19:
• Get vaccinated if you are eligible (12 years old and over for Pfizer, 18 years old and over for Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines)
• Socialize and interact in well ventilated areas whenever possible
• Keep 6 feet between yourself and other households
• Wear a mask (even if you are vaccinated) in indoor spaces where
ventilation and distancing are not adequate
• Get tested if you experience symptoms consistent with COVID-19
• Stay home if you are sick and separate yourself from others as much as

We can prevent severe outcomes from COVID-19 with the three FDA-Emergency Use Authorized vaccines that are providing 80-96% prevention of severe illness and death and are available in multiple locations in Grand County.

Grand County has not reached the benchmark of 70% of eligible people with COVID vaccination. This will have an effect on how schools operate and possible reintroduction of mask mandates indoors.

Public Health is using hospital capacity as our primary determinant for
implementing any additional restrictions and monitoring our situation closely every day. The department will take action if resident and visitor health is at risk.

Quarantine requirements have also been updated.
• Vaccinated individuals that have been in close contact with a positive
COVID case do not have to quarantine at home, must wear a mask in
public spaces and monitor for symptoms for 14 days after their last contact
with the positive. Testing is recommended 3-5 days after exposure. Antigen
or PCR testing is acceptable.
• Unvaccinated individuals that have been in close contact with a positive
COVID case must quarantine away from others for up to:
*7 days after exposure if asymptomatic and a negative test on day 5, 6, or 7 after exposure. Can exit quarantine on 8th day from last contact with
positive case.
*10 days after exposure if asymptomatic. Can exit quarantine on 11th day
from last contact with positive case.

School Specific Quarantine changes:
• Appropriate mask wearing in a school setting will prevent students and staff from needing to quarantine after an exposure to a positive case if both parties are wearing masks.
• Testing students and staff on a weekly basis can also prevent the need for
quarantining in the event of an exposure.

Public Health and the School Districts are working together to determine what prevention methods work best for their schools to ensure as little disruption to in person learning as possible, while maintaining health and safety for all in their buildings.

It is the goal of Grand County Public Health to provide the most accurate
information possible to the community, keep schools operating in person, keep businesses open, and ensure that everyone that may need medical attention, from minor injuries to COVID and non-COVID related illnesses, has the ability to access appropriate care.

Abbie Baker-MPH, CHES
Public Health Director/Epidemiologist
Grand County Public Health
150 Moffat Ave/PO Box 264
Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451

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