Now more than ever, please help us continue to ensure that everyone in our community has what they need to thrive and be healthy.

Stay updated with local COVID-19 info & resources.

Committed to helping everyone living in our community access the care they need when they need it.

At Grand County Rural Health Network, we believe everyone has the right to healthcare and to understand how to access that care. We have the resources and capabilities to help everyone living in our community access care. 

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An Important Update about Bright Health!


You may have heard about consumer and provider concerns regarding Bright Health. We want to clear up those concerns and let you know what to expect in the future.

Grand County Rural Health Network has been working hard to advocate for both providers and consumers, and we believe this advocacy in part helped move this issue to the frontline in Bright Health’s payment system. Local providers have reached out to us and stated, “we notice your advocacy efforts. It has helped get me paid.”

To read about our ongoing efforts, click here.

Let’s Get Vaccinated Grand County!


Grand County Rural Health Network continues to support Grand County Public Health with COVID-19 vaccine clinics, through supporting volunteers at clinics or getting the word out to the community.

Vaccines are now available to anyone ages 5 years or older. Public Health, Fraser Medical Clinic, Byers Peak Family Medicine and City Market are now offering Pfizer vaccines for ages 5-11. You can make your appointment for the date and location that works best for you, and you do NOT need to be a patient of the clinic or medical provider to receive a COVID-19 vaccine at their facility.

Visit to view all the clinic options. Sign up today!

You need health insurance…

We can help!

ACHES & PAINS Vouchers are available for uninsured children and adults who qualify financially. For guidance on Covid-19 tests, please call your health care provider, your child’s school nurse, or our office at 970-725-3477.

Community Updates

We continue to face unprecedented times with both the COVID-19 pandemic and wildfires deeply impacting our neighbors, families, and local businesses.

Grand County has many organizations and agencies that understand the unpredictability of life’s circumstances and are working hard to keep our community strong. These organizations are the foundation that build well-being for Grand County individuals and families.

Whether it’s making sure our neighbors have basic needs met or connecting residents to important services, we are ensuring this support system is ready and able to keep our community strong.

For COVID-19 Local Information & Resources:

For Fire Recovery:

For an updated list of community-wide health resources, please visit our online health resource site at

Stay safe and strong Grand County! #StayStrong #TogetherWeAreGRAND

Racial Justice

We believe that everyone in our community should have what they need to thrive and be healthy. We advocate for health equity and know that health is more than health care. We know that different people need different things to be as healthy as possible. Societal constructs, such as policy and practices, get in the way of health and negatively impact individuals and communities, including people of color – our children, friends, family, and neighbors. We believe in racial justice and overcoming the systemic injustices that so drastically impact health due to race.

We are committed to health equity and justice, to working with partners and individuals to build equitable systems in our community and state. We stand in solidarity with the millions of people across the country who experience racial injustice and the trauma caused by generations of oppression. We commit to listening to people experiencing oppression and working to end oppression so that each individual, and our community, can thrive.

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