We want to ensure that everyone in our community has what they need to thrive and be healthy.

Overwhelmed or frustrated by the healthcare system? We offer FREE services to help you access care.

We’re committed to helping everyone living in our community access the care they need when they need it.

We ensure that everyone in our community has what they need to thrive and be healthy. We do that by working in partnership to advocate for and support the health of our community. We are a nonprofit health alliance focused on health equity.

We are healthier together!

Support Needed for Our ACHES & PAINS Healthcare Voucher Program!

  • The ACHES & PAINS program begain in 2005 as a temporary solution to offer access to care to people who are uninsured or underinsured and cannot afford it.
  • 2,021 adults and children received 3,167 healthcare vouchers to support their medical, dental or mental health since 2015.
  • Since January 2023, the Network has lost over $73,000 to cover healthcare vouchers and the work involved in managing the program.
  • At the current rate, voucher usage in 2024 is forecasted to increase 80% over last year.
  • We need $100,000 to keep up with the community’s increasing needs!

What Our Clients & Partners Have to Say

“This program saved my life.”
– PAINS program client

“While the (voucher) program was meant to be temporary, I do not see a healthy future for Grand County without this gap program.” 
– Kristyn Roe, MS, LPC-S, Professional Counselor Supervisor, Fraser

What does Grand County Rural Health Network do?

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Our Network’s 4 Lines of Service work together to ensure everyone in our community has what they need to thrive and be healthy:

Direct Service

Direct Services

We help people get the care they need in the existing system.

Community Organizing

Community Organizing

We help create movement around issues that matter to our neighbors. We connect people to opportunities to advocate for change.

  • Community IMPACT Team:
    – Leadership development
    – Connecting impacted community members to decision making table
  • Community Awareness Events
Collective Impact

Collective Impact

We bring partners together to define a problem, create a shared vision, and work to solve it.

  • Health and Human Resources Coalition
  • Behavioral Wellness Community-wide Strategic Plan
  • Navigator Team Meetings
  • Behavioral Health Navigator Advisory Committee
  • Online resource: HealthyGrandCounty.org
  • Peak Health Alliance
  • School-Based Health Centers planning & education
  • Business & Resource Hub / Centralized Building


We are a change agent. We speak for or against a cause, policy or interest. This can be for an individual or community. We advocate for:

  • Individual clients
  • Impacted community members
  • Grand & Jackson Counties
  • Rural community
  • Issues that impact health
  • Committees to influence policy


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