Our COVID-19 Impact

Our Community Impact during COVID-19We continue to face unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic deeply impacting our economy.

We all are facing tough times in our lives. And it is worse for those already living on a shaky foundation. Now more than ever, it is apparent that our community is a source of support.

Whether it’s making sure our neighbors have basic needs met or connecting residents to important services, we are ensuring this support system is ready and able to keep our community strong.

We have worked diligently with Grand County Public Health, Department of Human Services, and all our Grand County partners and volunteers to create a plan that ensures our neighbors – especially our vulnerable populations – have access to what they need during this pandemic and economic crisis.

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, our primary goals have been:

  • Prevent the spread and support recovery of illness for staff and vulnerable populations.
  • Continue essential function operations to support vulnerable populations.

Since mid-March, we have seen upwards of 2.5 times normal need for our patient navigation program and ACHES and PAINS vouchers, specifically mental health and COVID-related care. We’ve issued 209 vouchers this year* – 108 of which provided 216 mental health visits. We have worked with community partners to stand up a human services system that is responsive and supportive for COVID-specific needs. We have worked with state partners to change application assistance programs so we can assist people virtually.
*Jan-Jul 2020

We continue to adapt to this new way of living: figuring out ways to be connected while socially distancing; teaching children from home while simultaneously working from home; learning how to live without a job, or income; learning how to meet our needs – including our social and emotional needs – from home.

Now more than ever, we are hopeful that we will come out stronger together. We will value the backbone of our community: grocery store and gas station workers; truck drivers; teachers; nonprofit organizations; etc. We understand the importance of public health, first responders, and health care workers. We will come together to create a healthier society.

We will beat this. Because we are healthier, and stronger, together! We are Grand!

Grand County residents continue to need community resources – some for the first time in their lives.

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