Our Advocacy

Representing Our Neighbors

At Grand County Rural Health Network, we believe in representing the rural voice because decisions and policy change often create unintended consequences for rural communities.

We do this by:

  • Serving on regional and statewide boards such as:
    – Governor’s Behavioral Health Task Force
    – Blueprint to End Hunger Task Force
  • Advocating for Statewide policy change.

Health & Human Resources Coalition (HHRC)

We collaborate with other local organizations as part of the Health & Human Resource Coalition (HHRC). We meet quarterly to discuss topics that matter to the health of our community and advocate for changes needed to make improvements.

One example, is the HHRC working group’s effort to complete a Behavioral Health Strategic Plan.

Lifting Up Voices

We believe people who are impacted by decisions should be at the decision-making table. We do this by:

  • Offer training and support in telling a meaningful personal story.
  • Share opportunities to be heard at decision-making tables.
  • Educate community on issues impacting those living at self-sufficiency or below.
Community Leader Group Monthly Meetings

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Donna’s Story

Donna (not her real name) called our office in tears in late August 2018 because she had lost her Medicaid coverage. Donna was worried because she wasn’t able to afford her prescriptions without her insurance and felt the stress of it all might cause her to relapse on...

Bob’s Story

Listen as Bob shares in the video about how he didn't realize he needed support until he met our Care Coordinator John.

Mark’s Story

There is nowhere Mark Davis would rather live than the mountains of Colorado. Now 60 years old, Davis is a carpenter who specialized in remodeling houses in the Front Range and, later, in Grand County. For nearly 10 years, he lived near Grand Lake in an apartment with...

Lisa’s Story

What spurred the creation of this video was simply a phone call made by a grateful client to someone on our Network staff, calling just to say "thank you" for our help. We were pleased that Lisa was willing to share her story of her "trials and tribulations" (as she...

Maria’s Story

Following a car accident in March 2018, Maria (not her real name) was referred to the Grand County Rural Health Network by Middle Park Health’s Kremmling Clinic for financial assistance to obtain prescription medications due to severe injuries, including a blood clot...